MY Mama: my Valentine…

PhotoGrid_1452874640802 I have the best mother the world over. Guilty about how I always go on and on about my father. The real deal definitely is my mother. I haven’t known strength in a woman as I have seen in my mother. I am not even sure that I have found the right words yet to fully tell you about my mother. So today, as the world celebrates Love, I thought, why not try to put mummy dear in words?

My mother taught me to pray. Mummy prayed, and still prays about everything. It does not matter the season or her mood. Mummy prays. I knew how to say the rosary long before I knew how to write my own name. As a child, all I wanted to do was kneel beside her. I always wondered what it was about this God that made her so happy even in the midst of her biggest troubles.Even when nothing happened she did not stop.” There is no greater patience than waiting on the Lord.” that is what she taught us. It is not until I was twelve that my father stopped drinking. My mother simply said, HE ANSWERS!She planted God in us. We can never thank her enough.As a child growing up, if I made a mistake knowingly or unknowingly, it was upon me to report it to her myself.It would be a bigger war if my siblings blurted it out before I had. That went for everyone of us.

My mother is the  one I tell everything. Two days ago I turned twenty six. Old as I am, I still call my mother when I have nightmares. I wake her up. I can barely remember the dream when I wake the next morning but I remember she somehow put me back to sleep. My mother is the reason I refuse to complain many a times, she always has a reason not to. You see, there is a day I wanted to vent about things at work, she looked at me and said,”you know there is nothing you will tell me, they helped bury my husband.” Tell me how I wouldn’t count my blessings in all situations seeing how firmly she stands by positivity.

Mother is the one that went to school when there were indiscipline issues. Oh Mr.Wananyanga was too big for that it is laughable. Father went to prize giving and visiting, fool stop.Oh she would work on us. She taught us to owe up to our mistakes, apologize and face the consequences. My mother has always been there, always. When the government was finding it hard to admit to being broke I wondered why it wouldn’t just ask my mother to teach it to say they were broke.My mother always says she is broke,from as long as I remember.She will never admit to having cash no matter what time of the month it is. Yet somehow we never lack(ed).

I am probably turning into my mother with each passing day. When I listen to myself sometimes, it is actually she speaking. When I give advice, I am not original at all, the most of it is my mother the other,my father, very negligible tiny bits are myself. How I run my house, it is my mother. How I clean, how I cook (everyone I have fed loves my food,thought you should know) how I budget that is all my mummy. I learned  to do laundry when nurses had all-white uniforms, mother used to even starch hers, Jeez! The rinsing wouldn’t stop. Now I laugh at myself for the fact that I do not let anyone touch my clothes for they may not don it as proper.

So this year I am not waiting for Mother’s Day to honor this woman of iron, I am starting early. A young(she hasn’t aged a day) widow, she is doing the best she can which is so much, to be both mother and father and we love her so much for her love and care are beyond measure. When she got the smartphone she wanted so badly, the first thing she did was create a whatsap group she called “My family” to which she added her six children to make sure to know how we are and everything we are up to. Isn’t she so digital? Of course we made fun of it, but now, it is the best thing to have happened to us digitally speaking.

Dear Mummy, I love you! Words haven’t been invented yet that fully describe how much. May God keep you so long, so healthy, so happy. You are the beautiful soul that ever chanced my life and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. May God bless you for all the work you have done on me. For all the tears you have shed for me. For all the love you give me. I will not let you down mummy! I love you, now and forever!

Happy Valentine’s Day My Mummy Love!

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