Verarita,remember me? Marry me!

Tulips“Hi Verarita ,I doubt you would remember me, but I do you. You were the good one who hang around the bad ones…” Girls my age are either picking wedding gowns or throwing baby showers. Well, I sit here picking strange calls that start pretty much like the fore mentioned.

Someone pray tell , is there a deadline? Seems like most men I went to school with and especially church , are on the verge of not meeting it. So much so that a guy who never even once, looked me in the eye would call up to narrate my four years of University’s social life. This particular group seems to imagine that I am different and would impress their mothers and maternal aunties. The sad part is back then I would have actually listened to them. Most of them really were impressive. With all this rush now , however, they no longer make my hairs stand on ends much as they may try.

So my reaction is usually a sigh after listening without interruption trying hard to place the voice to an event or trace the face to a place,while I patiently wait for the part where the name would finally be dropped. Then deep breath and struggle to cut the sarcasm playing within my mind to prevent it spilling out from my lips. So I play along, of course I remember them. I would never forget an awesome guy who ignored me. Then listen to the story of my life as it unfolds from an observer’s perspective.

The number of people who blame my friends for preventing them from hitting on me tickles me to tears. The fact that they also have the twisted idea that I was the good one of the group doesn’t help much to stop me from laughing at them. Isn’t that baring all weakness too soon to a girl you are trying to crush-court with the end goal of walking down the aisle in mind? God forbid, I will probably end up as an old maid at this rate but cowardice in a man who intends to spend the rest of his life with me doesn’t move a single one of my nerves.

Then just because you have everything working out for you and many potential wives hanging onto your every word doesn’t make you everyone’s potential husband dear bachelors on the hunt. There are women who want much more. Take me for instance, if I have to say ” I was being sarcastic ” because my comments offend you half the time,and you strongly believe sarcastic people are hiding their rude and selfish natures behind sarcasm then there is so much we do not have in common.

So most of my potential husbands do not make it to a third phone call. This probably explains why they never said a word for four long years. The distance does not help either . See, I live in the village, and most of them are in the city. We have totally different struggles. I am a believer in communication. I don’t understand why these City boys believe their best communication time is when  stuck in traffic or wading through floods. My friend, I am trying to be nice here, putting me some other place on your busy schedule would suffice.

What are twenty something year olds doing being workaholics? I thought that was for people who were way older and spend most of their time in the office because whatever awaits  them at home scares life out of them so they hope to tip toe to bed or something close when they finally gather enough courage to go back to a sleeping home.

I believe in love. I am old fashioned like that.Money is essential don’t be fooled. So it would really be nice if both are present. I have to love you enough to allow you to piss me off till death. Then again I want to make my own money too. So thing is, I am not ready and all set for marriage and everything that pertains to it. Meanwhile I will still pick those calls and sift them while profiling and silently stalking all your social media pages.




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