Tear drops in the ocean…


He hit her again. This time she was not going to tell them she fell and hit her head. She would not say the baby hit her when playing because Junior was a strong baby who loved to throw heavy things about. She would not have to make up a story to cover up what she thought was her shame and she had to protect her husband’s reputation. Mr. Money, for that is what they called him, hit her in broad daylight. The sun was high above and all the neighbors were home for it was a holiday.

Mr. Money came back home his car at full speed as if the devil himself had been driving. Mama Junior had been outside with three other women as Nancy the estate hair girl made her hair. Mr. Money angrily called out to her, and when she was next to him shoved her in and banged the door. What followed were cries of pain and loud blows. The other three children ran into the next neighbor’s house. Junior’s wails resonated with her mother’s. Mr. Money’s words could not be heard though he was speaking. Nobody came to her rescue. They all rushed to their houses and listened to the cries for help behind the closed door as they watched it through their curtains. Not one of her friends went to help, none.

She screamed louder. The louder her screams the harder the blows fell upon her. The police post shared a fence with the estate. The Inspector was one of the tenants. The inspector was home. He was in his house. His wife had been among the three women who had previously sat out laughing gaily with Mama Junior. The Landlord who had gone out just before Mr. Money arrived, returned. He stood outside Mr. Money’s house a while then hurriedly walked to his house. All the while Mama Junior was suffering the more. Her cries were becoming weaker by the minute.

Junior was crying louder than before. Not for long. The door suddenly opened and out came junior flying, landing head first onto the lawn.That must have been it, for after the  great silence that ensued, all doors opened all at once. Even the police Rover arrived. Mama Junior covered in blood ,urine and fecal matter was lying prostrate on the floor… Mr. Money stood there, motionless.

Two days later, Mr. Money had a mover’s firm clear Mama Junior’s things out of the house. Mother and child were out of danger but still in hospital. Mr. Money was at large. He moved about his business like nothing had happened.  The house was cleaned and ready for the next tenant . The next day, there was a new tenant ready to move into Mama Junior’s house. She was just starting life. She was full of life and very young. She was everything Mama Junior was not, physically that is. Everything was brand new and smelled like a lot of money, from the cooking stick to the furniture: NEW .The occupant glowed with pride and looked very pleased with herself and the awesome life that awaited her with her new husband. She was Mr. Money’s NEW WIFE…




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  1. The society has grown too evil. It’s too in- human to put your spouse through such humiliations. One wonders what kind of a heart such men have.


  2. namrembo wa nawiri August 5, 2016 — 8:45 am

    Dumpened my mood..so many beings like mr.money still at large .violence is never a way of solving issues


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