A love letter please…


My friend, should you chance upon my love, tell him to send me a love letter. Tell him to put it down on paper. Tell him I love his voice very much. Tell him how I melt away in my bed when I talk to him in the middle of the night. How I hold my phone so close so tight as if it had his dear life in itself. Tell him for me how much I love it when he calls me so that he doesn’t get me wrong when I tell him how much I would love for him to put it down on paper.

Explain it to my love that I do not dislike technology. Make him understand that I was born old school and try as I might, I cannot get over a piece of paper with all his declarations decorated on it. The more exaggerated the better.  Tell him how lovely his words would look on paper. How I would feel all his emotions from his heart through his beautiful hand on the paper. Make him believe in the power and allure of the written word. The feeling will be different every time I reread them; I will remember, not that I could ever forget, every sensation he stirs from within my very depths.

Tell him all you will. For you my friend knows how no other paper ever had a better scent. I want to feel whatever it is you my friend does when the messenger brings in your letters. I see how you smile ear to ear. I die with jealousy inside. But you, you my friend smiles and waves them at me from across the office. I see how you carefully open them. How you do not mess the envelopes. I have seen your eyes devour every word. While at it your face has told me what was written and just how it was all written. Your days automatically become brighter. I know you keep them. I know you read them every other night.

I will never compare the emails and the text messages to actual letters my friend. They are not as alive. Letters have life. Tell my love how you feel when you open them. Tell him you can never delete them or throw them away for lack of space. Tell him they will always be with you for as long as you wish. Ask him to rethink. Plead with him for me to allow me to send to him the letters I have written to him. The ones I myself read ever so often. He would love them more than I ever will.I promise most are not too long. I promise I write the truth. I write with my heart. Does he forget too fast? Does he not remember I write better than I speak?

He does not need any rules. All he has to do is take a piece of paper and pen. Tell him to put it down. He must not mind his grammar. I need him to say it as he wants. Anything but a letter I will read and keep. That he should take advantage of his emotions and write away. I do not want him to read it through to correct or erase a thing. I want him to send it with all the errors. I want all the short and long sentences, all the raw emotions as written the first time. I want to learn to listen to his hand. To be able to tell the time and place he wrote it just from his hand.

I want to keep his memories. I want to own his every emotion. I want to live his days.I want him to carry me deeper into his world with written word. I don’t care that times have changed and humanity refuses to believe that love letters are irreplaceable. How I want his love letters to come in on days I do not expect them. I do not care if it is four words or several sheets. I just want a piece of paper with words from the love of my life!


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