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There is no such thing as Kikuyu privilege! There is no such thing as Jaluo Jinga Jeuri! There are such things as: CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM, POOR LEADERSHIP, UNBALANCED DEVELOPMENT among others!

I am luhya. As a matter of fact I am so Luhya I could never knowingly marry a luhya man! I have to dilute the blood of my offsprings even a little. I have counted with the help of my great grandma, eight generations back and there are only luhyas, even some from the great republic of Uganda. Too much Luhya!
You see, I voted. You’ve already read how I broke my voting virginity and how I enjoyed it. What you don’t know is the pains came in much later! I managed a Matiangi E plain, votingwise! So I bled and watched my hymen fall and slide away! I was so disappointed I needed to let it out somewhere! I regretted crossing those crocodile infested rivers because my vote clearly did not count!
So I decided to pick on the one Kikuyu ,who knows me enough to deduce my tone from a four worded text message, and make an informed decision whether to whip my bony behind or lick my fleshy heart’s hurt and blow against it. I pulled the “you people have won” line on my Wanyambura and boy, didn’t I get a whipping!
These things I write have led you to believe I can’t be in any serious relationship, because “no man can stand these things she writes”, I know and I don’t blame you. I probably need urgent psychiatric assistance! But hey, Wanyambura is real. He is not a fictitious character of my stories. He is a man of flesh and blood. A lot of blood I should add! I have loved him since I first saw him, but officially since the last general election (2013). He hit on me at a time of political tension and I played hard to get long enough for him to think I had issues with his tribe. A mistake I rectified immediately, because girls, you do not let a great man like that wait too long!
When inflation bites, it does not use its tongue on Wanyambura’s wallet and dig its teeth and claws in my purse. He has never bought goods or services cheaply because his tribesman is at the helm of power! He also did not have unga! To make matter worse, where he comes from maize does not even respect the soil! He may vote differently, but when bad things happen, both of us will cry, plus he has more tears! He and other kikuyu friends and neighbours do not know what happened and why your preferred candidates did not win. They may never have even voted for these persons you did not want. Even if they did,it is much their right as it is yours to vote for whoever caresses their leadership muscle.
The only other man that ever made my heart refuse to listen to my head was a luo man called Oty. I loved him for a year. He even taught me a thing and two, about religious tolerance! You see, he was SDA, and it goes without saying that I’m Catholic. I dragged him to the University chaplaincy and it took him about seven minutes to remember that he owned a smart phone. He was on his phone the whole time and would get out to pick and answer calls. That is not the reason I left, he is actually a good man! He is also very sensible. He and others of his tribe( and I have many luo friends infact three quarters of my best friends and neighbours are luo)did not chose to be born luo! They also do not have to vote a certain way to have basic infrastructure in their regions! They also have rights to question, when things do not go as expected!
Also, not every Kenyan voted for their tribesman, I come from a large family of voters who did not even vote uniformly! Yet we are blood!
We have to end this deadly game! We have to stop the hate. We have to tell those who want us to shed blood for them NO. We have to protect lives. Ukabila ni Ujinga! We have to stop the killings! Do not kill him because he is luo. Do not loot or destroy his business because he is Kikuyu! We must stop the insults, the destruction and the violence. Be your brother’s keeper!
We are better than that! This country belongs to all of its tribesmen and women! None is supreme!


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  1. I looove, your pen is definately well schooled…

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  2. great work Miss there, keep up the spirit

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  3. The article is somehow confusing at the introduction but as u read thru it’s educative

    Also the article about your dad is also superb, keep it up Miss

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  4. A story of a polygamous man with 43 wives each bearing a different sprout yet all belonging to the same father. Let’s unite, let’s leverage on our diversity to make a colourful rainbow such that when the world will marvel at Kenya’s beauty

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  5. I guess you are one among few writers who have demonstrated and attempted to advanced tolerance. That was definitely a nice piece. How I wish many of us looked at ourselves from your lens.

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  6. Totally agree. We are better than that. Lumping everybody together with their tribesmen because you don’t like them or because one of them was an ass to you is not really bright. Treating a person as an individual is way much better. I will say this for the umpteenth time that I have seen people who are not my tribesmen come through for me in such great ways. I have also received cruelty from “my own people”. See what I mean?

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  7. Message is timely… nice peace Vera


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