His small intestines danced and disentangled! His stomach, normally the size of his fist, gained air, a lot of air, all air,and grew bigger than his head! Blood abandoned his innards and proudly, hurriedly, rose to his face! The air in his stomach rose, more air joined through his mouth and nose and it refused to leave his lungs, then the sounds began to threaten the walls of his lungs! His diaphragm danced to the ohangla beats of rural Nyanza. Tibim tibim, tibim, tialalaa, were the sounds in his lungs as they pushed and shoved and cried for freedom! All the veins in his heart finally got the point! There was jubilation within him. There was happy confusion inside of Joshua! Joshua tried to sit down, the skin on his behind refused. It had received too much blood. It was too tight. Joshua could not sit. There were eruptions in all of his veins and arteries. Joshua walked. Or moved his blood filled legs, one behind the other. All the hairs of his body stood to attention! The children of Isreal could not watch any more. They helped Joshua to stand still. Joshua could not! They shook his hands to find one with normal hemoglobin circulation! They raised it for him. Joshua refused. He refused to be assisted. How could they dare attempt to control his jubilation! He mightily raised his own right hand! And there. All of the air that had collected inside of him, left in an eruption! Joshua’s throat was a bulge, like a fully inflated balloon! Joshua bit his teeth, for if he hadn’t the powerful airs of laughter would have dismembered his thirty twos from his boiling mouth.Voices were heard. Deep glottal voices that shook his nose. Nasal sounds struggled for escape, the hairs in his nose could not hold them in. There were earthquakes from all openings on Joshua’s body! The hairs on his head danced to the tune of his moustache! His tongue met his throat, and there were whistles of celebrations! His fist, grew big enough to house a newly hatched chicken’s chick. His lips parted and his chin befriended his neck. His cheeks we’re nice balls of shiny, gigantic bubbles of joy! His eyes, I could not see the whites of his eyes! They donated all colour to his teeth!
Joshua laughed with his whole body! Joshua vibrated vibrantly! I have lived to see the laugh of Joshua!
For when Joshua laughed like that, I cried! I cried for I have never been witness to so much joy and jubilation in the body of a fully dressed man!
I Verarita Nasubo Wananyanga will learn to laugh.
For I have seen Joshua laugh!

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